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Why is having a business consultant the best investment for an organization?

A business consultant works closely with the company on its strategy and assists it with various issues, including product development, marketing and financing. /Representative image/ AFP PHOTO / JOHANNES EISELE |

Starting a business or thriving in a competitive market is not easy. To build a distinct brand with skill and understanding, the business must follow several steps. Although becoming an entrepreneur is a dream come true, keep in mind that being an entrepreneur is like having too much to do.

Entrepreneurship involves a variety of responsibilities, such as owner, accountant, executive, etc. Just a few examples! However, making a judgment call requires expert advice, especially in areas that could result in a loss. Business advisors intervened in this circumstance! Therefore, business advisors differ from boards of directors. An entrepreneur has the freedom to change the team of business consultants whenever he wants and according to his needs.

Business advisor – an essential

A business consultant works closely with the company on its strategy and assists it with various issues, including product development, marketing and financing. These three factors are critical to the success of any business. No one is in control, and adopting a do-it-yourself attitude towards business can lead to chaos. Entrepreneurs seek the help of business advisors before making any decisions. Sales advisors have enough understanding of the agile market to help companies make an informed selection. Therefore, hiring business advisors is the ideal investment for a business that wants to grow in the future.

Need an advisor

Typically, entrepreneurs seek qualified business help from those who work in their business or from relatives, friends and family. This is completely false and unfair. Those who work in the business have their own interests and goals, and when seeking advice for a business issue, their opinions will be slanted and filtered through the lens of their worldview. The same goes for parents, friends and family. This is where business consultants come in. These are unbiased third-party opinions that can be trusted.

Most business advisors have no stake in the business and no incentive to make an employee happy or to say yes to pleasing. Their perspective on a particular issue is free from bias and agenda. All they care about is offering holistic support and assistance as an unbiased observer, which enables them to speak the truth. Business advisors are essential because of their unbiased and unbiased opinions.

Role in the organization of the company

To research: A business consultant begins his mission by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the company. This includes an assessment of assets, resources, infrastructure, business framework, personnel, and the goals, objectives, or aspirations that the business intends to achieve through its operations.

Acknowledgement: Using information from the analysis of the current situation of the business, the business expert identifies areas and components that require attention based on the goals and objectives of the business. A business advisor can help identify concerns about business processes that pose greater risks than others and may cause long-term loss by identifying problem areas. The sales consultant can also help identify items that can be tuned to improve performance, which translates into cost savings and greater gains.

Planning and strategy: A qualified business consultant can create a step-by-step strategy that can be applied and executed in several stages to business activities after analyzing and identifying all components and aspects of the business. This plan is focused on future goals and may include specific departments. Most business consultants want to work behind the scenes, be less disruptive, and apply targeted improvements to specific challenges.

Implementation and execution: The implementation and execution phases of the process can be based on the plan developed with the business consultant. During this phase, each of the changes selected to be undertaken in response to the identified issues could be gradually implemented in certain areas of the business.

Evaluation: The final phase of the process is to assess the benefits the business has realized as a result of executing the business advisor’s strategy. This involves an assessment of the reduction in losses and risks, as well as any increase in revenue or gains realized as a result of the modifications.


In a nutshell, business advisors fill the area of ​​business where the entrepreneur finds himself vulnerable and entangled. The counselor, in the scenario guide through various situations, helps businesses succeed. However, choosing the best business advisor is indeed the best investment for an organization in a competitive market.

(Yashraj Bhardwaj is co-founder of Petonic Infotech and advisor to the advisory board of NITI Aayog Industry, UC Berkeley. Opinions are personal)

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