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West Oso tennis star to represent Texas in national trade organization

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — As a freshman, D’Schon Simmons was named captain of the West Oso varsity tennis team.

“Since the first day he stepped on the court, kids have gravitated towards him,” West Oso tennis coach Carlos Lerma said. “With his help, we were able to develop the tennis program here.”

Now a junior, Simmons still holds the position and credits his leadership skills as the reason he’s a good captain.

“I feel like I got this job just because of my leadership skills that were given to me by my mentors. I definitely thank them for that,” he said.

Simmons said he tries to be a good leader for his teammates.

“I value family, so making people feel welcome is definitely something I try to do as captain,” he said.

His skills on the pitch translate well off it. Simmons is one of the top students in his class and participates in countless extracurricular activities.

Earlier this month, Simmons was named the Texas national representative for the Business Professionals of Americaone of two in the state.

“I was completely in shock, because there are only two people being named, and my name wasn’t the first one called, so my heart immediately sank,” Simmons said. “When they said my name I felt an immediate excitement, I jumped up and stood up when they called me on stage. I was just excited, it was something I didn’t never had before, and I think that accomplishment was by far my favorite.

Later this year, Simmons will have the opportunity to be named to the executive board at the National Leadership Conference in Dallas in May.

Simmons plans to study business at university and hopes her new position will help her succeed in her career.

“I learned so many new skills, relationships, things like that,” he said. “So it’s already helping me, I can only imagine how it’s helping me in college and in my career.”

He credits his parents, Coach Lerma, and his campaign manager, Brando Guerra, for helping him get to where he is.