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Titans brings back the organization

Titans has made many strange decisions over four seasons, but the most recent choice leaves fans confused and feeling deja vu.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 4 “Super Super Mart,” which is streaming on HBO Max.

Titans has made more than its fair share of weird decisions during its time on television. While some choices were great – like the Red Hood or Deathstroke – others were downright awful, like killing Donna Troy and Aqualad. The most recent creative decision left fans scratching their heads as Titans brought back the same plot as the show’s first season. It created an eerie sense of deja vu and made an already cluttered show at times seem even more out of place.

In season 1 of titans, the series was about bringing the heroes together to help Rachel, who was in danger because of her father, Trigon, and his cult of followers. She was the child of a dark prophecy that had dominated her life, even without her knowledge. This same plot returned in Season 4, but instead of Rachel fighting off a dark prophecy, it’s Sebastian who’s embroiled in Trigon’s plans and schemes. Although it can be seen as a tribute and a reminder, it can also be seen as a phone call.

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Relive the Darkest Titans Storyline

Team Titans HBO Max Season 1

Season 1 of Titans was by far the darkest and least well received by the public. Each subsequent season has gotten better, which makes the show’s return to the plot of Season 1 even stranger. Maybe it’s the show looking for a chance at redemption, or it could be that they are already running out of new ideas. Audiences want to see new stories, especially when there’s such a rich comic book story to pull from. Still, Titans wants to live in the past with the same villains and the same stories.

Brother Blood could have been a big standalone villain, he didn’t need to be deeply connected to Trigon or even any of the heroes. Now Brother Blood is Rachel’s brother and his fate is deeply intertwined with hers. The same effect could have been achieved without bringing back the Organization – a shady cult that was barely a threat in Season 1. Nightwing and his team should be able to handle the Organization without any issues at this point, but they continue to fall into the exact same traps as season 1, including falling into an asylum trap.

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Titans continues to leave fans confused

Titans Season 4 Team Shot

Titans Season 4 Episode 4 “Super Super Mart” is full of confusing story elements. Most confusing by far are the strange zombies the Organization now possesses, including a Deathstroke zombie. Whereas Titans tries to move the Organization forward, he only succeeds in making the group weirder, dumber, and more confusing. Brother Blood has barely become a villain and already his story is muddied by a weird storyline and weird writing choices. Rolling back the clock on storytelling, Titans undermined all the progress he made in each season.

Each new season of Titans comes with so much potential and hope for what it can be, but the turn Season 4 took immediately cut the wind from the audience. The show is redoing the same plot as the first season, and it left people confused and a little upset. The show wants to be more than it is, but it consistently fails to top its worst season. Whereas Titans may not air long after season four, it will be unfortunate if it ends on this sour note.

New episodes of Titans air Thursdays on HBO Max.