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Tiger Trucking on the importance of fostering a people-centric organization in the trucking industry

Martin Gauthier has worked for 26 years as a driver at Tiger Trucking, and Nicole Kelly is approaching three years in her role as supervisor of Tiger Trucking, but they both share the same sentiment about the corporate culture at Giant Tiger. The emphasis on the culture of a people-oriented organization is what got Gauthier to work for Tiger Trucking and what makes Kelly want to stay.

“I’ve always felt valued and respected as a driver, part of the team,” Gauthier said when asked what sets Giant Tiger apart, adding that drivers have an open dialogue with management, which makes every member of Team Tiger feel heard and any concerns raised are listened to.

Giant Tiger, established in 1961, is a leading Canadian-owned family discount retailer committed to providing fashionable family apparel, groceries and daily necessities at the lowest prices. possible. Tiger Trucking is an integral part of delivering goods from an ever-growing warehouse system to stores. Although Gauthier and Kelly have different roles, their mission remains the same, which is to ensure that the process of transporting goods runs smoothly and to help meet the needs of stores across the country.

Corporate culture

Giant Tiger is a recognized leader as a people-oriented organization, with some drivers having served the company for over 30 years. The number of drivers employed by Tiger Trucking has grown from 22 to over 140 drivers over the years and the driver turnover rate has been below 2% year-to-date, a testament to the type of culture at company that Giant Tiger has worked hard with its employees to create.

Gauthier and Kelly point out that all employees, top to bottom, are directly involved in shaping company culture and are encouraged to do so in different ways. For Kelly, that includes joining one of Giant Tiger’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which works to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and includes members from various departments across the company.

Another standout that the two Tiger team members spoke about was Giant Tiger’s focus on the importance of employee work-life balance. “The company believes that your family time is just as important as your business time,” Kelly said, with Gauthier pointing out that he particularly likes flexible hours, which allows him to always feel confident and safe. on his journeys from Johnstown, Ontario. , in Riviere-du-Loup, QC.

“When you feel supported, listened to and loved, it makes your job easier,” Gauthier said.

Room to grow

Giant Tiger also prioritizes empowering its employees to achieve their professional goals, providing education and training for Tiger team members to develop their skills. In Kelly’s opinion, having recently been promoted after two years at Giant Tiger is what makes the company an employer of choice.

“I always encourage the drivers I manage to apply for new positions in the company that they might be interested in, and we have the tools to help them get there,” said Kelly, who started out as a dispatcher herself. and was promoted to transportation supervisor. management of 70 drivers.

Tiger Trucking will continue to lead the charge of fostering a people-oriented organization within the industry. The same message is echoed by Kelly and Gauthier: “We are all one team from different departments. Whether you are a driver, whether you work in the stores or in the head office, we are all Team Tiger. To learn more about employment opportunities at Tiger Trucking, please visit