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Organization to provide shelter for homeless veterans in the area

A new nonprofit organization, BuddyWatch, Inc., is creating housing in Midway for homeless veterans.

Small cabins (800 feet) will be built on five acres of land, donated by BuddyWatch, Inc. founder, Jo Coleman-Williams, and designated as the “Polaris” community that will provide housing for homeless veterans in our area. . The future site of “Polaris” is located at 862 South Coastal Hwy, Midway. A ribbon cutting will take place at the site later this year.

“We are thrilled to announce our housing plan just in time for Veterans Day,” said Coleman-Williams. “Affordable housing in this region is already a problem for everyone, and it is increasingly difficult for veterans returning from deployment without a home and with limited resources.

Coleman-Williams is a licensed therapist and plans to help veterans in need, physically and mentally. One acre of land will be used for new therapy office space and the other four acres will remain available for building small homes. Each home will be handicap accessible and available for a veteran in need. To raise much-needed funds to support the new “Polaris” community, BuddyWatch, Inc. has produced and is selling unique bird feeders, which can be purchased for $79 plus shipping and handling.

BuddyWatch’s goal is to act as a community of refuge for soldiers who have returned home and are struggling to acclimatize to civilian life. It will serve as a bridge between military and civilian life. Veterans can stay as long as they need to develop their civilian skills and acclimatize to civilian life.

BuddyWatch, Inc. is a free, non-profit resource to help any ex-serviceman, regardless of release status. For more information about BuddyWatch or to donate, please visit