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Organization offering a free program to help local students

According to the GTEC website, 70% of their students get a placement within two weeks.

PORT ARTHUR, Texas — A Port Arthur nonprofit organization works with area students to prepare them for jobs in the construction industry.

The Golden Triangle Empowerment Center, also known as GTEC, offers a 10-week training course for those wishing to work in construction. According to the organization’s website, they aspire to “provide job training and job placement services to neglected and underserved communities in the Port Arthur area.”

Students who participate will receive hands-on training in topics such as safety, tool rating, power tools, repair tools and more. Students will also learn the math of construction, especially precise measurements when in the field.

The course organizers believe that apart from the extensive training, the best thing about the course is that it is free.

“This is a non-profit organization, and nothing will stop you from coming in here,” said Matt Boudreaux, job developer for GTEC. “We know that people need opportunities. They need a helping hand. The company here, where “We train you for free. We have an excellent placement. That way the revenue stays here in the golden triangle.”

The organization’s program is designed to help people who haven’t had the same opportunity as others to learn the skills they need to become “thriving workers in the industrial boom rocking the Triangle region.” Gold”.

According to the G-TEC website, 70% of their students get a placement within two weeks.

The non-profit organization’s building is located at 710 Stilwell Boulevard.

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