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Olympia Schools Recognizes Five with Employee Recognition Award

By Lorilyn C. Lirio

At the regular meeting of the Olympia School District Board of Trustees on May 26, the Executive Director of Human ressources Scott Niemann has announced five winners of the 2022 OSD Employee Recognition Awards.

“This annual awards program is designed to recognize employees across the district in five categories,” Niemann told the board and visitors at the meeting. He said their colleagues nominated them for the awards.

Recipients include:

Connor Schober, OSD’s community relations coordinator, was recognized as “the innovator”. The award was given to any staff member demonstrating innovation strategies that significantly enhance the mission of the district.

Tag Seyer, a speech-language pathologist at Capital High School, was awarded “The Champion of Differences.” The award is given to any member of staff who celebrates the values ​​and differences of individual groups through their actions.

Nancy SwansonBilingual Family Engagement Specialist from Roosevelt Elementary School, is this year’s recipient of “The Unsung Hero” for continually going the extra mile to work and achieve results with little to no fanfare.

David Johnstonea graduation specialist at Capital High School, received “The Coach” award for playing a unique role in enabling students and colleagues to excel.

The Hansen Elementary School Developmental Learning Center Team directed by Sarah Wernke and educational coaches Katie Savinski and Jennifer Sketch from the teaching and learning department won the Dream Team award. The award is given to staff members who have worked together to help students succeed inside or outside the classroom.

All winners received engraved wood plaques made by Washington Middle School students who attended the Marketing and Manufacturing class under the direction of the teacher. Brian Morris.

Schober expressed his appreciation for the award. “I’m so lucky to have been able to work for our school district and see the little things you do throughout the day that impact others.”

Schober has been with OSD for 10 years.

Margo Hoffman, OSD Communications Assistant, explained why she nominated Schober. She said it’s innovative and adaptable to almost any situation.

“Connor is always humble. He rarely takes credit for his work. He’s shown a lot of ability to adapt to change,” Hoffman said.

She added that Schober always studies the latest and most effective communications.

He diligently trains each department’s staff to become web technicians to design and maintain their school department’s or teacher’s website, according to Hoffman.

“Whether his intern has limited or diverse related experience, Connor is always there to guide them. People can always come to Connor with questions ranging from very basic like how to format a Word document to complex issues like how to operate equipment. professional video or document accessibility troubleshooting,” she said.