Organization structure

Lukashenko calls for the reconstruction of the pioneering organization, BRSM Youth Union

MINSK, May 20 (BelTA) — There is a need to recalibrate the work of the pioneering organization and the BRSM Youth Union, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said during his meeting with activists of the pioneering organization from Belarus on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the pioneering organization. movement, BelTA has learned.

During the meeting, the Head of State asked detailed questions about the structure and composition of the pioneer organization and the BRSM Youth Union, their interaction with each other and with the Ministry of Education and educational institutions. According to him, the structure will remain the same for the time being, but in the future it will have to be revised.

“I will tell you frankly that we need to seriously review the work of the pioneer organization and our youth organization. The biggest disadvantage is that the pioneers and the pioneer organization have a weak relationship with the youth organization, BRSM Youth Union, while BRSM is not very interested in your work. We had an iron rule in the past: the members of the Komsomol were the elder brothers who paved the way. In other words, a new generation of young people has been brought up among the pioneers. We are still underperforming in this area,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

He entrusted the government and the administration of the Belarusian president with the task of drawing up proposals on how to improve the structure of the pioneering organization and the BRSM Youth Union: “We must do this together, and we’d better finish this job by the end. of the year. We have to start with young people, with the BRSM Youth Union. The grassroots organizations of the BRSM should be omnipresent and cover all groups of young people, including young people living in the countryside, students, young workers, etc., as was the case during the Komsomol era.

According to the president, the pioneer movement could fail without the active participation of the BRSM Youth Union. “No government agency can handle this. Your senior comrades should. Therefore, we have to do a lot of work here. We will rebuild this system, and it should be no worse than it was then. In this case, we will have enough patriots and there will be no problem with patriotism,” the head of state said.

“For young people to respect and appreciate the Komsomol, it is not enough to have smart people in charge. It is necessary to make Komsomol activities attractive to young people,” the President said, commenting on the prospects of the BRSM Youth Union.

The Head of State believes that this youth organization should play a more important role, just as important as the Komsomol in Soviet times. At the time, the Komsomol committee was involved in many activities, including the payment of scholarships, the provision of a place in a dormitory, and the organization of cultural events. “In other words, we must increase the importance of the Komsomol organizations. And we have to work on that,” added Alexander Lukashenko.

“We have to move forward, and we have to rebuild the structure, and above all, get rid of the formalism. To be honest, there is a lot of formalism there,” the president noted. “There shouldn’t be activities just for appearances, just to tick the box,” added the head of state.

“The formalism is huge. It shouldn’t be there. We have to get rid of that and make the pioneering organization and the BRSM Youth Union attractive to young people. This is our task. Mr. Sergeyenko [Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko], go ahead and do it, it’s serious business. We really missed a lot here. That’s patriotism. It starts here, with these children. They already understand everything. Their formative years are now, not when they go to university or college,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.