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Local organization “PathStone” helps at-risk young adults enter the labor market

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — New to the SUNY Broome campus this year is PathStone, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young adults with criminal histories get their lives back on track.

PathStone partners with Broome-Tioga Workforce, as well as local employers to help these young people find jobs. The organization allows them to continue their education, develop their skills and establish their careers at no cost.

“We’re building relationships with these young people and it’s great to see them progress. Young adults can participate in our program and receive accredited courses on their way to a career, which I believe will provide them with an outlet and a pathway out of this lifestyle,” said Paul Weckel, Regional Administrator of PathStone Binghamton. “The way we operate is largely based on the need within the community for what is underserved when it comes to employment.”

The organization also teaches young adults how to develop their resumes and how to talk with employers.

However, the association is not limited to providing only education and employment opportunities. PathStone also provides help with housing, social services and mental health.

“I go to homes and meet people. I kind of assess their needs and what we can do to help them with food, housing, and if they have kids, childcare support,” said Renee Trencansky, developer placement and career services. “Being able to give people a second chance and opportunities to take their lives to a better place, the next level of work, to earn their own money and career – that’s super important to us right now.”

The PathStone team said they value the young people they help and want to see them succeed, regardless of their background.

“People need a second chance. So let’s get into the trenches, work with some people, and see if we can give them the kind of second chance that catapults them, and maybe helps them define a destiny that maybe they never imagined. not even possible for them,” said Andrew Morrison, developer of placement and career services.

PathStone Binghamton is located inside the Darwin R. Wales Center at SUNY Broome. It is part of the continuing education service.

More information about the organization can be found here or on the PathStone Binghamton Facebook page.