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JTL Infra Director Vijay Singla promotes CSR activities within the organization during COVID 19

Vijay Singla, Director of JTL Infra Limited, believes that CSR activity is a way to give something back to society by selflessly helping it and providing what it deserves. Vijay Singla says, “CSR is an important part of the organization. These activities can be branded because they seek to give back to the communities in which they operate, beyond the development consequences”.

Amid the second wave of COVID-19, Vijay Singla and his uncle Pawan Bansal provided food, masks and sanitizers daily to residents of Chandigarh’s hometown. “During the lockdown period, there are a bunch of daily punters and migrant workers who are in desperate need of food, masks and medicine, and unable to buy rations. It is our responsibility to provide them with the products basic necessities so that they can enjoy their period of confinement in peace,” said Mr. Singla.

During the second wave of COVID, JTL Infra Ltd donated 20,000 masks, sanitizers and basic necessities to local people in several districts of Punjab. JTL Infra Ltd, under the management of Vijay Singla, served around 5,000 people every day. They rationed raw food for those who needed it and prepared meals for those without cooking equipment.

“We are getting calls from several places and people claiming that they haven’t eaten for two days and asking for food,” says Vijay Singla of JTL Infra. The pitiful condition of the poor and destitute prompted Mr. Singla to roam the streets and help the homeless and needy.

During the second wave of COVID-19, hospitals in Punjab ran out of medical supplies and the shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders in hospitals exacerbated the situation for patients. In such a crisis, Vijay Singla has come forward to help local hospitals in Punjab by providing medical supplies such as oxygen cylinders, ventilators, hospital beds and other medical equipment.

The CSR activities carried out by Vijay Singla (JTL Infra) are not limited to helping the poor living on the streets and in hospitals in Punjab. As a visionary director of Chetan Industries, he guided the company to roll out a CSR program in which the company established a 1 lakh capacity MS (mild steel) and GI (galvanized iron) manufacturing plant. MT. This activity has helped the local villagers in terms of job opportunities. The local population of Urla, where the facility is located, received regular food. This turned out to be a crucial undertaking, especially in the wake of the disastrous second wave of COVID 19, which swept the country last year.

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