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Interview with Amandeep Singh, founder of the National Organization for Social Empowerment (NOFSE) | AFN News

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Interview with Amandeep Singh, founder of the National Organization for Social Empowerment (NOFSE)

Posted on December 29, 2021

MUMBAI: Amandeep Singh, founder of the National Organization for Social Empowerment or National NGO, has dedicated his life to the virtuous cause of helping the oppressed and oppressed people. He then started the National Rehabilitation Center to support the needy.

Q.) How did the idea of ​​the rehabilitation center come about?

A.) I am one of those people who believe in doing something right to bring about change. Although we are the wisest species on earth, we haven’t found a way to have an inclusive society. On the other hand, despite the heritage of a caring society, India remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The reasons are enormous and to tackle this challenge, the participation of civil society is essential. Few of us think about it and only a handful of them take action.

So, after establishing the organization in 2012, which helps oppressed people, I started this project named National Rehabilitation Center in Tughlakabad, where a unique combination of care and education is provided to the needy and the oppressed. Currently, the National Rehab Center provides free education to approximately 60 children residing in the nearby slums.

Q.) How does the rehabilitation center help?

A.) We have seen that education is the best remedy for combating poverty. The National Rehab Center provides quality education to local children with best practices. The National Rehab Center works globally in two areas: health and education.

Q.) Can you explain how health and education issues are treated by the rehabilitation center?

A.) Health: The National Rehab Center has permanent physiotherapists who help people with injuries, back pain, and other issues that hinder their daily activities. The physiotherapy center uses the latest technology equipment which makes the treatment very effective. The National Rehab Center team has over 15 years of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation assistance of people with disabilities. Staff members come from a variety of backgrounds (special education, counseling, early childhood development and psychology, etc.). They are all certified (or in the process of certification) with the Rehabilitation Council of India. Additional external staff act as consultants or mentors as needed in various fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, neurodevelopmental therapy, sensory integration therapy, speech therapy, etc. These consultants are available in their rehabilitation center or on call. free and quality education for disadvantaged and disabled children. Their expert teachers take individual approaches while dealing with students. This approach has enabled the National Rehab Center to educate oppressed students based on recent developments. Besides education, it also enriches students with soft skills that enable them to integrate into mainstream society. “We firmly believe that with this education, these students will soar to the skies. To create an inclusive society, we need hundreds of interventions like this. And to do this, we need your support.

Q.) How do you see the success of the Rehabilitation Center? A.) In today’s world, where thousands of children still suffer for an education or food, the National Organization for Social Empowerment is working wholeheartedly to reshape the lives of thousands of children. disadvantaged and disabled children of society. Together we can make a difference!

by sachin murdeshwar