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Improving Business Connectivity: Creating an Engaged Organization

The number of companies that have adopted the hybrid work setup continues to grow in the country. According to data from one corporate travel agency, 76% of their customers have transitioned to a hybrid work setup. Earlier, this configuration will be the nationwide standard.

Besides reducing the number of times an employee may be exposed to the coronavirus, there are other benefits to having a hybrid work setup.

Reduced costs

By using technology like HRIS software, the business can reduce the costs that can be spent on hiring additional labor. With the platform, payroll is automated to account for local holidays and weekends and there are little to no transportation costs as updating employee and government documents is now fully online.

Better control of your time

The human resources (HR) department and other departments can better manage their time when technology is involved. Scanning documents makes storing and retrieving them easier, calculating payroll is no longer a hassle, and tracking employee attendance is just a few clicks away. This allows the workforce to focus on issues that can boost their personal and professional development.

Offline and online community building

The hybrid work setup is here to stay. This new configuration forces companies to adopt technologies and processes that target both onsite and online employees. Through this, whether employees are on-site or working remotely, they can build and be part of the community within the company.

These changes brought about by the new configuration of work are pushing companies, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt technologies to help them in the transition. For employee-related technology solutions, the best first step is to invest in human resource information system (HRIS) software.

There are many HRIS software in the Philippines. Therefore, it is better to read how choose the best HRIS software for the company. When choosing HRIS software for the business, it is best to opt for one that is flexible, scalable, and continuously adapted to the needs of the business. Having one helps the business create strategic actions that can help achieve its long-term goals.

Commonly, the HRIS software automates and digitizes the following HR functions:

  • Administration of the company and personnel,
  • Attendance and timing,
  • Filing of leave and overtime, and
  • Management of payroll and electronic payslips

Under the company and employee administration function are employee engagement and performance review activities. These activities contribute to the growth and development of employees, which also influence the overall growth of the company.

It starts with creating an environment where employees can engage with colleagues and management. And GreatDay Professional is the best HRIS software provider to help businesses create an engaged organization.

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

HRIS software like GreatDay Professional keeps employees connected to the business anytime, anywhere. Through the platform, they can register their presencerecord their daily tasksand review their advantages. Other features that GreatDay is continually exploring and improving are the Early access to salary, Geolocation and geolocationand AI facial recognition.

Practice employee autonomy

Believe it or not, employee empowerment also contributes to an engaged workforce. Staff can practice by allowing them to self-manage attendance, time off, and claims, and update their employee information. Fortunately, Beautiful day offers these features.

All of this gives them the freedom to immediately work on their employees’ information without too much intervention from the HR department. It’s the gateway to building an engaged workforce, which leads to other activities that increase their engagement with the company.

Employees drive engagement

With fewer hurdles to jump in managing their information and time, employees now have more time to think about their development as individual employees and as team members. Through the HRIS software, employees can take the lead in their professional development. They can consult with HR and their supervisor to schedule performance reviews and implement performance improvement plans. With the help of GreatDay Professional, they can look back on their previous performance reviews to see how well they’ve improved during their time with the company.

Additionally, with GreatDay Professional, employees now have the ability to engage with the company and their colleagues wherever they are. The platform offers various features that promote interconnectivity with offline and online teams. These features include:

  • A internal social flow where employees can update and read updates from their colleagues
  • A internal conversation where employees can message each other regardless of department
  • company announcements where employees are updated with the latest company news
  • Access to policies and upload so that employees are aware of policy changes and updates, and
  • Dating GreatDay where employees can virtually celebrate professional and personal milestones with their colleagues

The good thing is that all of this can be done on one platform. This reduces the number of open programs, making it easier to stay current and engage with the wider company community.

Business connectivity is easier these days with the help of HRIS software like GreatDay Professional. Employees now have autonomy and the ability to better engage with their superiors and colleagues. And, for minimal cost, companies with branch offices can now create a secure virtual workforce community, thanks to GreatDay Professional.