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Try student organizations like the GroW Garden, GW Jazz Orchestra and many more depending on your personal interests.

Student organizations are a key part of college that can help students make friends and get out of their comfort zone. But with over 500 options, the perfect fit can be hard to find.

Student organizations such as club sports, cultural organizations, and pre-professional groups all use an online platform called Engage, which helps students navigate organizations and get frequent updates on events at school. University scale. Before you head to the organization’s latest trade show or find yourself browsing Engage, this matchmaking guide will help you narrow down your selections of people to join.

Here are the student organizations we think will be the best fit for you, based on your interests and passions:

Civic engagement, international affairs: GW International Business Corporation
Going to school in DC is already a clue to your potential interests in extracurricular activities. If you participated in Model United Nations and other debate-oriented activities in high school, GW is the perfect place to continue exploring that passion. The GW International Affairs Society keeps students up to date with events and recruiting information from international business organizations such as GW Model UN, George Washington University’s Program on International Education, and The Globe – the journal undergraduate international business from GW. GW IAS even connects students to the Greater Washington Conference on International Affairs and the Washington Area Model United Nations Conference on a regional level. Organizations under the GW International Affairs Society invite speakers in the professional field, organize debates or discussions on current affairs and organize social events which can help you meet other students.

Outdoor activity: Trails, DC through a lens, GW club climbing
Need a break from campus and the hustle and bustle of the city? Sign up for a hike with GW Trails, which offers student-led day, overnight, and week-long excursions throughout the school year. A photography day trip with DC Through A Lens can also turn into a slightly more urban outdoor adventure. Practice your photography skills or try a modeling career. These opportunities provide a more relaxed, small-group setting with space and time to get to know other students and their interests on a closer, more personal level.

Visual and performing arts: GW Jazz Orchestra, Tiny Dorm Concerts, GW POP!
If you love jazz music, check out the GW Jazz Orchestra for information on their latest performances and upcoming recruiting. GW Jazz typically holds a public performance at Kogan Plaza and another at Jack Morton Auditorium each semester.

If you love indie music and want to support student artists, Tiny Dorm Concerts offers an intimate and relaxed setting for that, inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. The student organization was born in a small dormitory in Francis Scott Key Hall, but since its growing popularity has moved on to more popular venues, such as the Elliott City View Room, which can easily accommodate over 100 people.

If you’re interested in fashion and thrift stores, be sure to check out GW POP! on Instagram, which offers second-hand, affordable and trendy clothes. Keep an eye out for their fashion shows and clothing swaps on campus.

Multicultural: District K, GW Tango
GW is a hub for various multicultural organizations, especially multicultural dance groups. Dance and experience Korean culture with District K with no previous experience required. If you’re a more competitive and committed dancer, District K holds auditions every semester to appear on their dance covers, which can be found on their Instagram @gwu_districtk.

Another option is GW Tango, which has a low-stress but educational environment that strives to make Argentine tango accessible to the GW community. GW Tango usually hosts practice on Friday at 7:30 p.m. or Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

Advocacy, Community Garden: GW Red Cross, GW GroW Community Garden, Camp Kesem
Whether it’s sustainable gardening, volunteering or community outreach, there’s no shortage of volunteerism on the GW campus in the heart of the nation’s capital. Located on H Street opposite Amsterdam Hall, fresh produce from the GroW Garden becomes food donations that members of the GW community bring to Miriam’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization that supports the local homeless community in the area. For more information about GroW Community Garden and its local partners, check out @thegrowgarden on Instagram. If you’re interested in on-campus blood drives, GW Red Cross is the place to try. Subscribe to the group’s newsletter for the latest information and volunteer opportunities. If you love working with children and want to improve your community outreach skills, Camp Kesem can do it! For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected]