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Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium introduces a new organization to the world – exciting new education programs and research grants with a mission to deliver the next medical breakthrough

Hong Kong, Hong Kong–(Newsfile Corp. – September 26, 2022) – The Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium 2022: Honoring Dr. Moorrees will be held October 7-8, bringing together orthodontic experts from around the world. This event is initiated by leading stomatology institutions, bringing together leaders of orthodontic programs across the United States. It will introduce the International Orthodontic Foundation (IOF), a dynamic young organization at the forefront of the world, with its founders and experts speaking at this event.

Cutting-edge discussions for the symposium

In partnership with the Forsyth Institute, IOF is a proud sponsor of this event and an active participant. The 2-day summit will feature four main topics. Dai Feng, Donald Huang, the co-chairman of the board of directors, as well as Dr Ravindra Nanda, Dr Erik K Ting, Dr Ching-Chang Ko and Dr Peter Ngan, the members of the IOF founding committee , will give lectures on the topic of the past, present and future of orthodontics, translational research, innovative clinical care, and much more.

The purpose of the Symposium is to foster discussion, education and training on topics covering both academic and clinical applications. IOF is committed to supporting and funding innovative research, providing quality training and education, and equipping clinical practitioners with innovative tools for orthodontic patient care, while providing a platform for collaboration worldwide in the following areas:

  • Education – Provide access to world-class educational resources through a variety of carefully curated courses, online materials, and events.
  • Research – Help orthodontic clinicians and researchers achieve their dreams with research grants.
  • Communication – Facilitate the link between academia and industry and improve collaboration between regions.

New hope for next generations of orthodontic clinicians

Around the world, the paths of orthodontic clinicians in the profession may have been different, but the challenges they face are often similar. Many have struggled to fund the research that would launch their careers while seeking advice from seasoned professionals. They should also research the latest research and educational materials to keep abreast of developments in the professional field.

One of IOF’s co-founders also faced many challenges as a young academic studying at Harvard Medical School. Thanks to the launch of the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation, he received his first financial support. His lab now receives millions of dollars in annual funding and has made significant medical advances. He owes his career and his success to this early “investment”.

All of IOF’s founding orthodontic clinicians have been fortunate to receive much-needed mentorship and funding throughout their careers. Now, as influential forces in the field, they are committed to providing a powerful platform for today’s young and emerging orthodontic clinicians, allowing them to have an equal opportunity to learn, grow and develop. ‘to exchange ideas.

Exciting Opportunities Ready for the Next Medical Breakthrough

Co-founded by a group of leading experts based in North America, Europe and Asia, IOF is open to orthodontic clinicians worldwide. The organization is committed to providing quality education and training resources at your fingertips. With its missions in mind, IOF has brought its brand new Continuing Education (CE) program to the field.

The CE program encourages scholarly exchange among leading experts from dental institutions around the world to provide better clinical resources, from presentations on the latest research in evidence-based medicine to discussions of intriguing current issues.

The first season of the Clinical Showcase will be a series of 12 sessions spanning 2022 and 2023. IOF will invite experts to comment on new medical developments and patient-related case studies. Each showcase will have a predefined academic topic or broader discussion topic, aimed at letting the public learn more about topics ranging from orthodontic theory to actual medical practice

IOF would carefully tailor the topic to meet the real needs of the clinicians in attendance. It aims to create a collaborative environment where prominent world leaders can share ideas and new perspectives. Clinicians are invited to attend the first session of the Clinical Showcase on September 20 at noon. A 3-day online replay will also be offered. The theme of the first session was “Interdisciplinary treatment of malocclusion in adults”, presented by five experts from the University of West Virginia. Dr. Peter Ngan, the first Branson-Maddrell Endowed Professor in Orthodontics, served as a mentor and explored two cases: “Maxillomandibular Advancement as a Definitive Treatment for Adult Patients with OSA” and “Treatment of Maxillary Impairment in adults with aligners and PAOO procedures”.

The way to participate in the event is to log on to the official IOF website (, register as a member, and then watch it for free within three days. the date of the event. IOF sincerely invites all orthodontic clinicians to participate in this event.

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