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Disaster relief organization awaiting Hurricane Ian

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – A disaster relief organization is preparing for what is to come with Hurricane Ian.

Karen McCoy, executive director of the North Louisiana branch of the American Red Cross, says they prepare year-round to ensure that thousands of people affected by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Ian , are safely sheltered.

When not in an active natural disaster season, the organization uses that time to pre-position supplies at strategic locations and train their disaster responders for when to deploy for events like Hurricane Ian. .

McCoy says evacuees can also take some action on their own.

“The first thing is to build an emergency kit; and what this entails is packing things like water, food, flashlight, battery operated radio, first aid kit, medicine, phone chargers, take copies of any important papers you might have, blankets, stuff of that nature,” McCoy says. “So the first thing to do is to put together an emergency kit. And then the next thing we’re asking you to do is plan what you’re going to do, decide where you’re going to go if you have to evacuate. Know how to contact your children or family members. Determine whether or not you can bring your pets, and what you will do with them.

Hurricane Ian is expected to strengthen over the Gulf of Mexico. 2.5 million people have been ordered to evacuate in the southeastern region.

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