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Biden Organization approves $450 million Armada F-16 support package in Pakistan

Reversing the choice of its ancestor, the Biden Organization has endorsed an incredible $450 million F-16 Warrior Fly Armada sustainment program in Pakistan.

As advice to the U.S. Congress, the Division of State gave assurance supporting an unknown potential military bid of F-16 sustainment casing and related equipment for an expected expenditure of $450 million, claiming that that will support Islamabad’s ability to respond to current and future counterterrorism dangers by tracking its armada of F-16s, the Safeguard Security Participation Organization on Wednesday conveyed the necessary confirmation to Congress regarding the conceivable deal.

It is the first major security aid to Pakistan after Trump in 2018 announced that he had shut down all protection and security aid to Pakistan, saying Islamabad was not complicit in this anti-terrorism mood. psychological oppression.

“The United States government has informed Congress of a proposed deal regarding unknown military agreements to support the F-16 program of the Pakistani Air Force Armed Forces. Pakistan is a significant accomplice in the fight against terrorism and, as part of a long-standing strategy, the United States offers maintenance and lifecycle sustainment packages for US early stages,” a state division representative said.

“Pakistan’s F-16 program is an important part of the broader reciprocal relationship between the United States and Pakistan. The proposed deal will support Pakistan’s ability to deal with current and future counter-terrorism threats by tracking its F-16 armada. The F-16 armada enables Pakistan to assist in counter-terrorism tasks and we anticipate that Pakistan should take a strong decision against all gatherings of psychological militants,” the representative added during an inquest.

In accordance with the legislative disclaimer, the proposed deal does not incorporate any new capabilities, weapons or weapons.

He said Pakistan had requested to unite old F-16 support and support boxes to help Pakistan Air Force Armed Forces F-16 armada by reducing copy drills and adding additional support elements.

The unknown $450 million military deal with Pakistani Cooperation under the F-16 Aircraft Honesty Program, Global Electronic Battle Security Assistance Program, Global Engine Administration Program , engine parts improvement program and other specialized coordination meetings; aircraft and engine equipment and programming adjustments and additional aircraft and engine support and repair/bring back parts.

The Pentagon said this proposed agreement would support U.S. international strategy and public security objectives by enabling Pakistan to maintain interoperability with the United States and complicit powers in ongoing counterterrorism efforts and in anticipation of possible future tasks.

“The proposed agreement will continue with the support of Pakistan F 16 armada, which is working significantly on Pakistan’s ability to assist counter-terrorism tasks through its strong air-to-ground capability. Pakistan will have no trouble integrating these items and administrations into its army,” he said.

In accordance with the legislative warning, the proposed supply of this equipment and support will not adjust the fundamental military balance in the region.