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4 recognized for 40 years in the organization Women Educators | New

On August 27, 2022, at the first meeting of the 2022-23 year, the Iota Chapter of DKG recognized four outstanding educators who have remained members of the organization for 40 years: Anne Farris, Margaret Mauney, Peggy Morrison and Hilma Prather.

Anne Farris began teaching in Lexington, KY, before moving to Somerset, where she taught remedial math at the elementary school level for 16½ years. When she obtained her certification in administration and supervision, she became director of the Memorial Intermediate Grade Center. She remained in that position until the district closed the school, ending her 30 years of “touching student lives.” Farris said his most exciting moment was when “a student had a twinkle in their eye that said, ‘Oh, that’s how it works! “”

Margaret Mauney began her 40 years as an educator after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in 1969 and said she knew she “loved teaching from the first day she set foot in her class at Science Hill. She never lost her passion for teaching, the love of children, or working with teachers and the program. She was inducted into the Delta Kappa Gamma, Iota Chapter, at Lindsey Wilson College in the fall of 1982. Mauney was honored to have her first-grade teacher, Miss Nancy Newell, present her with her own personal lapel pin which she had worn ever since. his induction. DKG on September 11, 1929. Mauney served as a reading specialist and teacher in Pulaski County schools for 24 years, then consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education, and ultimately supervisor of elementary school education of Pulaski County. for 11 years until her retirement in 2008. She then taught part-time at Lindsey Wilson College and Somerset Community College. Among the honors she has received, he was named a finalist for Ashland Oil Teacher of the Year in 1992 and was named Kentucky Teacher of the Year five times. In 2004 she was named KAES Educator of the Year. She is a past president of Delta Kappa Gamma, Iota Chapter, and the Pulaski County Retired Teachers’ Association (PCTA). She continues her life of civil service by serving for 10 years on the Bethany House Board of Trustees.

Berea College graduate Peggy Morrison has dedicated 33 years of her life to teaching. She and her sister, Patsy Hamilton, began their teaching careers together at a two-room schoolhouse in Cabin Hollow. They then moved to the three-room schoolhouse in Cundiff. Morrison taught history, government, and English at Nancy High School before she and her husband moved to Carter County, where she continued to teach high school history and social studies. In 1965, back in Somerset, she taught those same college subjects until her retirement in 1984. She says she “taught hard and proudly” about our country’s history and government.

Hilma Prather returned to her Louisville home after graduating from the University of Kentucky to teach in the Anchorage School District. In 1973, she moved with her husband to Somerset, KY, and continued her teaching career in schools in the city of Somerset. She has taught multiple grades at various schools across the system, also serving as acting principal at Parker Elementary. She was the safe schools and family skills co-ordinator for the district, implementing a family skills program for schools in Somerset. For her leadership in this capacity, she was selected as Kentucky’s Health Educator of the Year. She served as the principal of Hopkins Elementary School until her retirement in 1998. Her commitment to educational excellence in Kentucky included her service on the Council on Post-Secondary Education, serving as co-chair of the initial board of the Governor’s School for the Arts, as a board member. and chairman of KET, as vice chairman of the Kentucky Board of Education, and as a member and chairman of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence in the Commonwealth. She served the region as a member of the board of trustees of Somerset Community College.

Members of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Iota Chapter celebrate the above members for 40 years for being all the organization stands for.

Other dedicated teachers/educators, currently employed or retired, are invited to join the organization at one of its upcoming meetings – March 25, 2023 or May 20, 2023 – scheduled for Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at 11:30 a.m. at the Burnside Public Library.